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How to upgrade?

How to find update & upgrade?

Most of our databases are updated every year or shorter and as soon as the new release is available, you can get the updated version as a "upgrade".

  • For database products update, you can check our What's New section where most new and updated products are listed.
  • For software upgrade, please check who provide free download of new software.

Database "upgrade" are strictly limited to the same title and same edition. Different editions and language versions are considered "new order" instead of "upgrade".

If you want to upgrade "Raw data in MS Access file format", please check this document. The payment procedure for "Raw data" upgrade are similar to general upgrades listed below.

How much should I pay for the upgrade?

You need pay the shipping & handling as well as an upgrade free starting from 15% to 55%, depends on the time you purchased the product.

Shipping & Handling, usually 6.5USD for each product, if you order the new product and select one (non-free) shipping method such as express, you need only pay the shipping & handling cost on the website. 

Upgrade fee. Upgrade fee varies from 15% to 55% of the current product website price (before discount), depends on the period between the update date and the date you you purchased the old one. If you purchased one product 5 months before and pay for the updated one now, the "Period" is 5 months.  All dates are the day we receive the payment, instead of the date order placed.

Upgrade Fee schedule:

  • 30 days or less: Free (except shipping &handling fee). It's treated free "replacement" instead of upgrade. 
  • 31 days to 90days, 15% + shipping & handling fee 
  • 91 days to 180 days, 35% + shipping & handling fee
  • 181 days to 365 days, 45% + shipping & handling fee
  • 365 days or more, 55% + shipping & handling fee.

The price is based on the current web price (before discount or any other special offer) when you place the new order for the upgrade.  

Raw data in MS Access file format are also available for the upgrade with the same fee schedule.

How to get the upgrade?

For purchase within 30 days and you find new release available, just contact our sale team to get the replacement. You need pay a basic shipping & handling fee of 6.5USD or any other express fee you selected.

For all other upgrade purchase, you need place a new order for the product you want to upgrade from our online store. Please make sure to use the same email address or shipping address when you place the new order and make sure you provide us:

  1. The same shipping address and email address with the old order
  2. The order order number (if you purchased the product from,
  3. The product title, serial number (on the CD-ROM booklet), agent name, date of purchase (if you purchased the product through our agent or reseller)

To make payment, here are some situations you may meet:

a) For credit card payment, 

  • you can just fax us the card information to authorize the exact amount for the upgrade (plus shipping & handling). 
  • you can go and pay online and then contact us for the refund. If you provide the older order number when you place the new order, we usually issue the refund automatically when we process your new order
  • you can contact us first for the exact amount to pay and wait for the payment link to make payment online

b) For any other payment, you can adjust the amount before you make the payment

To calculate your payment:

  • a. Check the discount rate applicable to your upgrade order, let's say, your product older is 3 months old and you have to 35% of the web price
  • b. Check the exact price on the order for the product only. For example, the China Yellow Pages is 179.10USD
  • c. Check the exact shipping cost on your order notice, for example, the International express shipping costs 30USD.

Your upgrade cost will be:

b * a + c = 179.10 * 35% + 30 = 92.68USD 

* above discount rate, price, shipping cost must be replaced to match your case.

All other procedures of the upgrade will be the same as the new orders.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.