B MDB File

We provide data in open format (MS Access (MDB), unless explicitly stated otherwise) for some database products at customers' convenience only.  

However, please be noticed that:

1) MDB file is not required for general functions of the directory. The Infot directory manager software bundled with the directory can work properly without the MDB files. Users purchase the MDB files only for advanced export ability.

2) Purchasing the MS Access file doesn't mean any authorization beyond the end-user-agreement. Having the data in open format bundle the customer more responsibility to follow the end-user-agreement since the data can be easily distributed or pirated. Any usage beyond the end-user-agreement, including but not limited to, disclosing on public website, redistributing to 3rd party, embedding them into applications used by 3rd parties, are prohibited.

3) No technical support available for MS Access processing. Special skills may be required to handle the MDB file and the customer are supposed to have them. Our support and service on open format are limited to provide the correct format as well as the database structure (inside relationships). 

4) MS Access program is not included. The customer need purchase or upgrade their own MS Access program at their own cost. Questions about the MS Access program will not be answered by our technical support team.

5) MDB files are usually much larger than the standard release format. They can be compressed in zip format and proper tools such as "Winzip", "WinRAR" are required to open the zipped file. Those tools are not included.

6) Download option may get void due to the size of MDB files. 

7) MDB files are provided to qualified customers only. We reserve all the rights to make decisions if to honor this option or not. If your order with MDB files are not qualified, you can either drop this order or remove the MDB option.

Check each product's page for the final price. 

How to order it?
- check the "Raw data" option when you "add" a product into your shopping cart.
- if you already purchase the standard format, you need purchase it again with raw data option checked but pay for the raw data only. You need provide proof of purchase to deduct the payment for the standard format. The deduction can be made by adjusting your payment (for bank wire, money transfer, check payment) or refund after your payment (for credit card payment). It's recommended that you contact us for a confirmation before payment for the new order.
- If you purchased the standard format from an agent other than INTBIT, INFOTDATA, INFOTUSA store, you need contact the agent for a reference as proof of purchase. If you can no longer contact the agent, you need provide us following information: purchase date, agent's name, invoiced payment, product serial number. 

For all "upgrade" order of the "raw data", you need place an new order for the same product with "raw data" option checked. Please read the payment instruction for general upgrade procedure. You will finally only be charged for the "raw data" part plus shipping & handling but it may take few steps before the final charged settled.

System requirement
- Microsoft Access 2000 or higher version required to open the mdb file.

MS Access file usually residents in the same disc of the directory you purchased. Please check disc for "mdb" files or zip files. It's usually named after the code of the product.