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Choose the right product for your project

Specify some criteria to define which product is best for your project

Do you need data (list) for a certain country or area?

Yes, and please specify the country/area:


Do you want to do a tele-marketing or mail-list marketing?

Yes, so you need list with telephone numbers and physical addresses (zip code)


Do you want to print labels for a certain area (zip code, phone area code)?

Yes, so you may need the raw data in MS Access format


Here are some suggestions to common projects

For telemarketing and maillisting:
Choose these business databases (yellow pages): United States, Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, and etc..
If you need print the lable for a certain area, or you need print label in Chinese, please include the MS Access format.

For outsourcing, product research, marketing research:
Choose these business directories with web sites, emails: China, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan ...

For outsourcing, OEM, machining shops and other industrial partners:
Choose the manufacturer directory or export directory: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

For global projects (or projects for multiple countries):
If you need the major players with websites, emails only, try the "Global Business Directory", if you want to see some importers & exporters, try the "Global Trade Directory". For physical addresses and phone numbers, you need check individual products for each country.

For area projects:
Check these packages to certain areas and save: Asia, Greater China ...

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