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We are providing several products for China (including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc) for different users. To see which one is best for you, please check this page.

Generally, we recommend the China Business Database for general users who are looking for suppliers, OEM partners, machine shops, wholesaler & retailers in Mainland China.

China Business Directory

Selected Chinese companies with websites, Email from Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau

Product Code: CNBD
Listed Prices: 96.00 USD
You pay: 81.60 USD

Optional MDB format, +$237.00

Business directories for Greater China

Package of business directories for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Product Code: XGCC
Listed Prices: 222.00 USD
You pay: 188.70 USD

Optional MDB format, +$509.00

Asia Business Directories Package (Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea/Japan)

Package of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea andJapan

Product Code: XASA
Listed Prices: 153.00 USD
You pay: 130.05 USD

Optional MDB format, +$473.50

China Business Database

Selected Chinese manufacturers,factories,plants, importers & exporters

Product Code: CNBT
Listed Prices: 119.00 USD
You pay: 101.15 USD

Optional MDB format, +$439.50

Hong Kong Business Directory

selected Hong Kong importers,exporters,suppliers

Product Code: HKBD
Listed Prices: 88.00 USD
You pay: 74.80 USD

Optional MDB format, +$191.00

Greater China Business Emails (Package)

Business contact emails from Greater China Regions(Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Product Code: EM_GTCN
Listed Prices: 390.00 USD
You pay: 331.50 USD

Optional MDB format, +$390.00

China Business Emails

Emails for Chinese businesses, including some Hong Kong, Taiwan businesses

Product Code: EM_CN
Listed Prices: 280.00 USD
You pay: 238.00 USD

Optional MDB format, +$280.00

Taiwan Business Emails

Taiwan businesses contact email addresses

Product Code: EM_TW
Listed Prices: 126.00 USD
You pay: 107.10 USD

Optional MDB format, +$126.00

Hong Kong Business Emails

Hong Kong Business contact email addresses

Product Code: EM_HK
Listed Prices: 126.00 USD
You pay: 107.10 USD

Optional MDB format, +$126.00

Taiwan Business Directory

selected Taiwan suppliers, importers, exporters with websites, email and etc.

Product Code: TWBD
Listed Prices: 55.00 USD
You pay: 46.75 USD

Optional MDB format, +$167.50

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