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Hong Kong Business Directory

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Hong Kong Business Directory (HKBD) 

new release!

  • Covers most of active importers, exporters, manufacturers in Hong Kong
  • Based on official data from Hong Kong authority 
  • Full details In English
  • Full details of contact person, (Chairman, CEO, General manager, Sales manager ...)
  • most of them have  email address attached
  • Well-sorted in yahoo-style categories
  • many records have contact details about the contact person, such as Chairman of board, CEO, Sales Manager ...

What's inside this CD-ROM?

- more than 55,000 Hong Kong businesses in English with contact information and brief introduction 
- contact names, ceos, products, company names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers
- Powerful keyword search and Text Search

Good for e-marketing or marketing research.

This database is website-based and all it's contents were compiled based on the website of each record. We verify the websites only and some of them may still void since the product released.

What can I do with this CD?

- Get the comprehensive list for all major industry
- Contact those companies by email at your convenience.
- Study their websites for further information

Infot Distributed Business Directory (tbb) 
Raw data in MS Access format (require MS Access 2000 or later) is available for extra fee. .

About 45 MB 
Full installation (with the old database) requires about 50MB.
Full installation (with the old database) requires about 80MB.
(Size estimated without ms access file)

*Numbers are estimated and are subject to change without further notice.


Search by Keywords Yes
Browse by categoryYes
Export FunctionCopy & Paste, or Extra MDB file (optional)
Geographical CoverageHong Kong
SourceOnline Directories, 3rd Party
Fields includedBiz. Name,Contact,Job Title,Department,Telephone,Fax,Email,Mobile,Web site,Address,Country,No. Of Emp.,Capital,Est. Year,Repr.,OEM,Certificates,Products,Turnover,Industries,Biz. Type,More Contacts,Reg. No.,Details
* Not all entries are filled with each field

Statistics - check categories online

Number of total entries (companies) 96,315
Entries with Website 50,134
Entries with Email 74,158
Entries with Fax number 88,075
Entries with Phone number 94,420
Entries with Address96,179
Entries with Name of contact96,135

* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

**The software (directory browser, if included) works under MS Windows 95/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7. However VISTA/7 may require special steps for the installation.

NOTE: Download sizes are estimated and actual sizes may vary; Download option is valid for qualified purchase only and not for all products; Databases are recorded on CD-R or DVD+R/-R media, packaged in slim jewel cases. Raw data files (optional) are in MS Access format (mdb) and usually recorded on the same disc; All CD-ROMs are silk-screen printed with logo.

Want a customized list? * If you are only interested in one or two categories (or states, provinces) of this product, you can check if you can get a customized list and save.