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Which Chinese directory  should I buy?

Question: Which Chinese directory  should I buy?

You have several directories for China: China Business Database, directory of Chinese suppliers, China Yellow Pages, Directory of Chinese companies, Greater China Package. ...

Which one should I buy?

Based on the type of Chinese business you are looking for, as well as what kind of campaign you are to start, you may have different choices. However, we recommend the China Business Database for general users who are looking for suppliers and potential buyers from mainland China.

China Business Database 

  • New products with update information
  • Better coverage with large number of records
  • Many website and email addresses
  • Extra details about business such as export volume, import, register capital, size of employee ...

Directory of Chinese Suppliers  is good enough for you 

  • Government list
  • Looking for suppliers, new products from mainland China. 
  • Looking for OEM partners from mainland China
  • looking for partners in mainland China
  • looking for possible buyers of your equipment , technologies
  • Need email address to make easy contacts.
  • Need websites to check the partner before you contact them

China Business Directory

  • more website and email addresses
  • frequently updated
  • covers most major businesses
  • covers Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao

Taiwan Business Directory is required when you

  • looking for large number of Taiwan suppliers, importers & exporters

Hong Kong Business Directory is required when you 

  • looking for Hong Kong importers & exporters, or established agents of mainland manufacturers, goods.

Greater China package when you 

  • serious thinking about the Greater China market

China Yellow Pages when you

  • Looking for government agencies, organizations besides companies from mainland China
  • Need vary large number of records to start mailing campaign.
  • Marketing research on mainland China

Here are a comparison of the major directories:

Name of Directory Area covered Num. of Records Email included Website included
China Yellow Pages (DVD)  mainland China


Yes (*) Yes (*)
China Business Database (CD) mainland China


Yes (*) Yes (*)
Directory of Chinese Suppliers (CD) China

720,000 **

Yes (*) Yes (*)
China Business Directory (CD) China 130,000 Yes Yes
Taiwan Business Directory (CD) Taiwan 40,000 Yes (*) Yes (*)
Hong Kong Business Directory (CD) Hong Kong 56,000 Yes (*) Yes (*)
Greater China Package (CD)  China, Taiwan, Hong Kong ***

* Not all records have this information.
** Number is a combination of the included directories
*** see included directories

Note: The number of records in your package may vary since we keep updating those directories every day. Not all records have email addresses, website addresses included, "Yes" means most of the records. 

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