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United States Business Database
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United States Business Database (Raw Data Only) (USBTM)

more than 14,000,000 businesses in United States (in MS ACCESS FORMAT Only)

NOTE:Open format (MS Acces format or CSV) only! This version is in open format only.
No browser software included. MS Access 2000 or later required (not included). Basic database skills required.

Product Code: USBTM
Listed Prices: 550.00 USD
You pay: 467.50 USD
Data Format: Microsoft Access (MDB)
Export function: Directly, unlimited
Software requirement: MS Access 2000 or later (Not included)
Download Size: 660 MB


This is the MS Access format only for United States Business Database

new More options or sub-lists by industry/region are available.

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MDB Format

This is the MS Access format release of the United States Business Database and only the MS Access MDB file is included in this package with 5 users license.

  • You may need significant skills to understand, query and output the data from this database. No technical support provided for this format.
  • You need Microsoft Access installed on your computer to open, access and query the database. This software is not included in this package.
  • Although this database is in Open format, it's not an authrorization of reproduction, publishing or redistribution.

Search by Keywords Open format
Export FunctionOpen format
Geographical CoverageUnited States
Source3rd Party
Fields includedBusiness Name,Phone,Fax,Email,Web site,Street,City,State,County,Zip,Contact,Job Title,Employees,Sales,Val_sales,Val_numofemp,SIC,Description
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 20,005,133
Entries with Website 2,607,956
Entries with Email 6,486,110
Entries with Fax number 5,438,797
Entries with Phone number 19,924,441
Entries with Post Code19,886,743
Entries with Name of contact16,424,946

* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

**The software (directory browser, if included) works under MS Windows 95/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7. However VISTA/7 may require special steps for the installation.

NOTE: This product is provided by a 3rd party vendor in non-Infot standard data format.
Supporting software is included as needed with various features not reviewed by INTBIT.
Software and database can be in different lanaguage other than English.
No technical support available for 3rd party products. Contact vendor or manufacturer directly for needed support.

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