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Pakistan Business Database

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What's inside?

Pakistan Business Database (PKBT)

Pakistan is a fast growing Asian economy besides China and India and there are the most opportunities you need to expand!

Top categories (industries)

Agents - clearing & forwarding675  
Agents - travel601  
Air Conditioning System and Components602  
Arts & Crafts2,317  
Auto Accessories1,065  
Banking and Insurance765  
Building and Construction Machinery and Supplies1,579  
Carpets - hand Knitted527  
Chemicals & Compounds527  
Chemicals and Adhesives1,450  
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies977  
Clubs and Hotels567  
Communication Equipment and Supplies741  
Computer - Hardware Items1,164  
Computer & Network2,353  
Computer Equipment and Supplies1,655  
Domestic Appliances and Supplies1,736  
Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products1,260  
Education and Training955  
Electrical & Electronic items526  
Electronic Components and Supplies1,435  
Farming and Fishing and Forestry2,181  
Food & Drink2,822  
Food and Beverage Products1,455  
Fuel and Lubricants and Greases732  
Furniture and Furnishings734  
Garments - Bedwear610  
Garments - knitted827  
Garments - leather904  
Garments - ready made2,509  
General Exporters3,420  
General Importers696  
Health & Medicine4,527  
Hospitals and Educational Institutions1,058  
Industrial Machinery and Supplies1,605  
Industrial Materials661  
Industrial Supplies8,865  
ISO certified715  
Jewelry and Wearing Apparels554  
Leather and Tannery883  
Leather Goods687  
Machinery & Equipment3,006  
Manufacturing Machinery and Supplies1,472  
Medical and Surgical Equipment and Supplies1,644  
News & Media597  
Newspapers and Television Networks and MLM587  
Office Equipment and Supplies617  
Office Supplies1,305  
Packaging and Printing1,332  
Personal Clothing and Care Products6,270  
Power generation Machinery and Supplies664  
Printing & Publishing545  
Products & Commodities1,253  
Professionals and Consultants3,398  
Public Listed802  
Publishing & Media1,151  
Resin and Film and Plastic793  
Ship Broker1,051  
Sports and Recreation1,362  
Sports Goods974  
Surgical Instruments975  
Textile - Cotton Fabrics572  
Textile - general1,008  
Textile and Garments9,737  
Tools and Hardware774  
Transportation and Storage1,519  
Travel and Entertainment1,912  

What's inside this CD-ROM?

- businesses with phone numbers, fax numbers, websites, emails,  and more
- well-sorted by yellow page style categories, headings
- Powerful keyword search and Text Search

What can I do with this CD?

- Get the full list of Pakistan companies in most industries with full contact information together with a brief introduction
- Find more suppliers and buyers
- Contact potential buyers and suppliers via fax, email ...
- Check websites of Pakistan businesses before you enter a new market or work with a new partner.

Download Size

Standard format: About 30MB 
MDB format: About 40MB
Totally installation requires about 120MB

Release Note

To extract a certain fields of the database, you may need the optional raw data version, which is in MS Access format (MDB) and gives you the total access the the data. With the standard format, export function might be limited


Search by Keywords Yes
Browse by categoryYes
Export FunctionCopy & Paste, or Extra MDB file (optional)
Geographical CoveragePakistan
Source3rd Party
Fields includedCompany Name,Web Address,Phone,Fax,Email,Mobile,Contact Person,Job Title,City,Address,Zip,Country,Description
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 49,672
Entries with Website 1,963
Entries with Email 16,221
Entries with Fax number 32,194
Entries with Phone number 49,512
Entries with Address49,615
Entries with Name of contact39,980

* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

**The software (directory browser, if included) works under MS Windows 95/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7. However VISTA/7 may require special steps for the installation.

NOTE: Download sizes are estimated and actual sizes may vary; Download option is valid for qualified purchase only and not for all products; Databases are recorded on CD-R or DVD+R/-R media, packaged in slim jewel cases. Raw data files (optional) are in MS Access format (mdb) and usually recorded on the same disc; All CD-ROMs are silk-screen printed with logo.

Want a customized list? * If you are only interested in one or two categories (or states, provinces) of this product, you can check if you can get a customized list and save.

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